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About Frank and Ernest

  • Tom Thaves produces Frank and Ernest. He is the son of the strip’s original creator, Bob Thaves. Tom worked with his father for many years and now maintains the traditions of smart humor, subject variety and frequent wordplay.
  • The strip chronicles the antics of two "everyman" observers who are anything but ordinary!
  • The duo show up in different settings, time periods and even appear as things and creatures other than people!
  • Subject variety, a friendly attitude and wordplay encourage loyal readership.
  • Never mean spirited, Frank and Ernest manage to be both above-it-all and below-it-all as they poke fun at themselves.
  • Fan Reach

    Frank and Ernest is one of the most widely read comic strips of the last 40 years.
    Frank and Ernest debuted in 1972 and quickly secured a place on newspaper comic pages throughout the United States and beyond.
    The strip has maintained strong, loyal readership. It appears in over 1,000 newspapers and is read daily by over 25 million people.

    Brand Personality

    Fun-loving    Smart   Positive Punsters
    Down-to-earth   Friendly   Self-deprecating

    Fan Profile

    Male 60%, Female 40% | College educated | HHI $50K - $100K

    Consumer Appeal

  • Readers smile knowingly as they see themselves in the observations of Frank and Ernest.
  • Combination of timely and timeless humor.
  • Strip’s awards include those for cartooning and writing - including Punster of the Year!

    First-time opportunity to reach a large and loyal audience that has enjoyed Frank and Ernest throughout the years. Additional opportunity to introduce the lovable humor to new fans! With the comic duo's wide consumer appeal, the breadth of cartoon subjects and the depth of the strip's archive, licensees and retailers will find ample opportunity to create exciting and relevant products!
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