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About Ann Telnaes

  • Winner of the Pulitzer Prize (one of only two women) and only woman to win both the Pulitzer Prize and the Reuben Award.
  • Holds the politically powerful to account.
  • Creates animated and static editorial cartoons for the Washington Post.
  • Renders some of the most elegant cartoon designs ever drawn.
  • Generates big impact with a pushy attitude and wonderful art.
  • Favorite themes include timeless topics: women's rights, civil rights and free speech.
  • A powerful "Nasty Woman" indeed with great appeal among millions!
  • Fan Reach

    Washington Post online reach - 50M+ unique monthly visitors/US and 20M/international
    Twitter - 21.7K Facebook - 5.6K Instagram - 1.5K

    Brand Personality

    Confident   Direct       Smart
    Take-no-prisoners   Visual   Engaging

    Fan Profile

    Primarily Female | College Educated | 18+ | $50K - $100K+

    Consumer Appeal

    • Inspiring and unifying for her current and future fan base.
    • Provides an opportunity to purchase impactful designs that reflect fan base's point of view.
    • Telnaes' favorite themes are a particularly great fit with burgeoning interest in political activism.

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