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About Matt Wuerker

  • Pulitzer Prize-winning Editorial Cartoonist and Founding Partner at POLITICO, #1 ranked Capitol Hill publication online and in print.
  • Cartoons used widely in numerous publications including the Los Angeles Times, the Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek and Smithsonian - and more.
  • Engaging whimsical art with text that is direct but not mean-spirited.
  • Watercolors illuminate the art and captivate the readers.
    For people who live and breathe politics and love the political circus, Matt Wuerker's cartoons, illustrations, and caricatures provide a ringside seat!
  • Fan Reach

    POLITICO reaches the most influential politically-minded people in the country, the "politicos".
    12M+ unique monthly visitors in the US and 1.5M+ international POLITICO.EU
    Daily Print - 59,000 POLITICO Magazine - 33,000 x 6/year
    Twitter - 8.6K Facebook - 5.6K Instagram - .6K
    If it is happening in DC, it is referenced in Wuerker's cartoons.
    Thus, his audience is all who are affected by the politics in and legislation coming out of DC!

    Brand Personality

    Wry    Artful    Engaging
    Persuasive    Insightful    Enlightening

    Fan Profile

    Female 51%/Male 49%, College Educated, Median Age 54, Median HHI $86K

    Consumer Appeal

  • To the well-informed and affluent consumer
  • Political themes: Washington, DC Imagery, Political Figures, Media, and Love of History

    As political engagement continues to grow, Wuerker's art will provide licensees and retailers ample opportunities to create products that will appeal to this quality-seeking and growing market.
    Over 1500 cartoons at
    Custom art available, too!