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Welcome to Cartoonist Group Licensing!

Our goal is to provide an efficient, quick to market licensing process while ensuring a great fit and establishing the foundation for an excellent on-going relationship.

Licensing overview

Step one: Pre-application form

Step two: Once your pre-application form is received you'll receive a link to proceed to your licensing application.

Step three: Complete your licensing application

Step four: Send the required materials necessary for a review of your application.

Step five: Cartoonist Group will review your application/accompanying materials and contact you with next steps. (Usually within 2-4 weeks)

Step six: If your application is approved, we will move to the licensing agreement stage.

Step seven: Once both licensor and licensee have executed the licensing agreement, you will receive a welcome packet with style guide, licensing instructions for product and marketing approvals, access to high resolution graphics and other instructions for fulfilling your licensing agreement.

Thank you for your interest in Cartoonist Group Licensing!